Who are we

We are HappyMods, a platform for mod enthusiasts to download, request, and test Android mods. We do not create mods ourselves; instead, we source them from the internet. With over 30,000 Android app mods available for download on our platform, we are constantly adding more.

Our goal is to ensure that all mods on HappyMods are 100% functional. To achieve this, we provide a large number of mod apps for users to test. We then select the mods that actually work and mark them based on user feedback, making it easier for our users to find the best mods.

If you can't find the mod you need, you can request it from us. We will notify you as soon as we have it available. If you find that a mod is outdated or not working for you, you can request an update here.

Our ultimate goal is to keep all of our mods 100% functional. To do this, we need more users to help us test our mods. We are developing our test platform as quickly as possible and welcome you to join us.

HappyMods is the ultimate destination for mod lovers. Welcome!